Hello, and welcome!  

Are you curious about trying yoga, but don't see yourself as the yoga "type?"

Or have you tried a class and found the pacing was too quick, or it reminded you of Twister?

Do you feel you would benefit from yoga, if only you could find the right class?













If you want to...

  • relieve a sore back or stiff joints

  • refresh your body from work at your desk, art, or craft table

  • feel strong as you age

  • learn easy ways to ground or relieve anxiety

  • learn in live, online classes with the help of an experienced teacher

Then you've come to the right place.














I specialize in beginner-friendly movement, back care, joint health, and restorative practices to help you find balance and calmness. 

If you want to try yoga, or try yoga again, please know you don't need to be thin or flexible. You don't have to be "granola" to practice yoga.

You can be yourself. 

l love to work with people who:

  • like a comfortable, down-to-earth style  

  • want to feel strong without the strain

  • want to better their mobility for their daily lives  

  • don't want a yoga practice to feel like another pushy exercise routine

  • wish to bring more calmness into their day

  • enjoy practicing from the convenience of home

"I like that I can roll out of bed and get into the space for practice quickly and quietly.  I'm not distracted by others, nor do I feel like I am confusing anyone if I do things differently."--Joanne


We won't be a fit if:

  • you want a sweaty workout kind of class

  • you're all about new age trends

  • you want to learn to do handstands


I am passionate about empowering students with the freedom to move well and learn simple practices they can count on. ​

"During the first winter of the pandemic, Karla developed a new regimen, a series based on requests from students, and we learned new flows like 'soothing the nervous system." She has sent the students sketchnotes so they can remember the flows and practice on their own.  This series has helped me physically and emotionally.

In my classes you will find space to breathe, classes adapted to you as an individual. You are invited to move at your own pace.  


Enjoy the quietude and a simple practice, at home, with the support of an experienced teacher.  









I have been helping people feel better and move better in their daily lives since 1992. If the above sounds like you, I invite you to join me.


"Karla suggests options for various poses and encourages us to listen to our bodies and do what fells nourishing for each of us.  I always feel energized and grounded after class.  I love being part of this yoga community she has created."  --Patty


Small Group Classes

Would you love  to practice in a community, but from home?   

Individual  Sessions

Are you new and would prefer to start with private sessions?  Do you have busy work or homelife and would like one-on-one focus?

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